Being a member and part of the Cruiseosity Travel family we offer several different memberships for you to save money on your next & future vacations. All memberships are very similar with the discounts offered it the monetary amounts of the memberships that are the big difference.  So when choosing the perfect membership for you look back at what you usually spend on a vacation per vacation to help decide on the perfect membership for you.



With a Cruiseosity membership the way the discounts work is you pay the value of your vacation upfront and then you credited  within 30 day after the return travel date Via ACH or Pre Paid credit Card your discount,

Example: You book a cruise for march 15th to the 18th say for $1000 you pay the $1000 now and then within 30 days after your return date you are credited with your 5% or 6% savings 

With a Cruiseosity membership you can book as many vacations as you would like and each vacation will get the credit but in all the membership options the member must be traveling. Once you purchase a membership it is not

transferable Except for the life time

memberships and can only be transferred 2 times.

The membership is based on the booking date not the travel date .

Example: You are member from Jan 1st 2021 to December 31st 2021 and you do not renew your membership and you book your trip dec 5th 2021 for april 2nd 2022 you will get your discount


The membership Discount are based on the vacation price excluding taxes and any other fees 



Once you have chosen your membership and are ready to travel you can book your vacation by booking on our website www.cruiseositytravel.com or calling and speaking to one of our travel experts at 1-866-339-1933.



With Cruiseosity you are not just getting the discounts, you will get the ability to be worry free when booking your vacation.

 With Cruiseosity regardless if you book online or call in you will be dedicated your own personal travel specialist, with whom you will be able to contact directly Via texting ,calling or WhatsApp. All personal travel experts at Cruiseosity have cell phones which the # will be given to you so we stop the waiting in cue when booking direct.

When it comes to pricing with Cruiseosity we are very competative as we work with all the cruise lines tour companies and resorts closly to get the best rates for or members & Clients , plus with the 5% or 6 % you save we guarantee you will not get better prices for your vacation. Plus having the piece of mind while on your vacation someone is there for you, if you have a problem, to most people is priceless. this is what Cruiseosity offers to you.